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At Wholly Grounds, we realize that coffee and tea are a universal beverage and we want our menu to reflect that. International Coffee day, celebrated on October 31st, is an occasion to celebrate coffee and promote awareness of international coffee growers. International Tea Day is observed on December 15th; observed by tea producing countries in Bangladesh, Nepal, Kenya, Vietnam, India, Tanzania, and Indonesia. With that in mind, our ideas reflect a changing menu of different recipes from various places. We will strive to bring an array of teas and coffees so that you can experience a little bit of the world our place.

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The best Coffee Shop and Tea Room, Right in Your Backyard

We also lease our shop for small events, whether it’s a graduation celebration, baby shower, birthday party; or simply  needing a place to network with other professionals; we can work with you to create enjoyable memories for that special event.

Enjoy drinks and appetizers on our back patio during the spring, summer, and fall. Whatever your needs are, we can provide the perfect location and the best coffee and tea and  in the area.