Wholly Grounds
a meeting place for coffee and tea

It’s Not Just Coffee To Us
It is our mission to contribute to a more healthy, balanced, and sustainable life through good food and drink, and the arts.  We will strive to use organic, ethically produced and socially just ingredients, as price and availability allow.

Some of Our Specialty Drinks

We strive to use high quality, fair trade and organic coffees. 

Our espresso is a dark roast blend of six different beans that has a smooth body and delightful flavor notes of cocoa and nut.

Red Eye, Black Eye, or Dead Eye
An Invigorating caffeine fueled drink to keep you going through the day! A cup of drip coffee with a shot of espresso added variations of the Red Eye include the Black Eye, made with two shots of espresso, and the Dead Eye, made with three shots of espresso. We can even do a Lazy eye, (decafe espresso shots!)
Havana  Cappuccino
1/3 Espresso, 1/3 Milk, and 1/3 soft . Rich espresso, sweetened condensed milk. Finished with a dash of cinnamon..
Selection of Teas
We offer a wide array of teas black, white, green, and herbal teas from Native American Coffee, Vahdam, Lyons, Barry’s, Tealyra, Tattle Tea, and TeaPigs. We love tea! 
Vegan and Gluten Free Options
Enjoy your drink with A healthy, allergy friendly option curtesy of Purely Sweet Bakery.

Tea Selections

Below is a various selection of teas from Lyons,  Native American Coffee, Tattle Tea, and Vahdam Teas, and Tealyra

Earl Grey:  blend of premium long leaf tea from India blended with 100% Natural Oil of Bergamot Fruit from Italy

Lyons tea: an Irish tea with a warm golden colour and a refreshingly rich, smooth taste can be served with milk or half and half if desired

Organic Orange Spice Tea: organic smooth white tea with real orange peel, schizandra berries, and lemongrass into a sublime blend. Once brewed, it contains low caffeine levels for a slight boost into any part of your day. can be served with or without milk

Provence Tea : a flavored blend of caffeine free rooibos tea and lavender.

Angel Falls Mist: Angel Falls mist blends lemon, strawberries and a mixture of other fruits to create a caffeine free flavor sensation. a pinch of sugar can be added to boost the flavor if desired

Honeybear Chai Flavored Green Tea: Green tea, cinnamon, natural and artificial flavor, ginger, clove, fennel, coriander, anise seed.

 Sencha Kyoto Cherry Tea : (green tea blend) a green tea with cherry and rose flavor

Coffee and Tea Menu
Non Espresso Drinks

Drip Coffee

Cafe au lait

Pour Over

French Press3/3.5
Cold Brew

Nitro Brew

Espresso Drinks

Espresso/Single Shot Double Shot

Coconut Flat White
Red Eye
Black Eye3/3.5
Dead Eye

Iced Spicy Cherry Chai


London Fog   Earl Grey tea with steamed milk and a dash of lavender


BlueBerry  Fog    black tea flavored with blueberries, infused with warm and sweetened with honey


Vanilla Chai Latte


Spicy Chai Latte


milk: 2%, whole milk, half and half/heavy cream is .70 extra
alternative milk: cashew, coconut, almond, soy, oat milk

Syrups: French Vanilla, Turkish Hazelnut, Carmel, Ameretto
Chocolate Mint, Apple, Raspberry, Almond, Almond Mocha


Hot Steamed Drinks, Kids Drinks

Hot Chocolate

White Hot Chocolate

Black and White Hot Chocolate

Babyccino steamed milk, for the kids, topped with foamed milk and chocolate sprinkles

Merchandise Coming Soon!
Coffees and Teas with a Twist: Menu coming soon
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8:00am – 5:00 p.m. Sat 
9:00 am to 5:00 p.m. Sun
Special Hours

We will be closed on the following holidays
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
New Years Day

We close early on the following days:
Memorial Day
Christmas Eve
New Year Eve